Cheesy Potato Skillet Recipe


This recipe for a warm potato skillet, which has been handed down from grandmother to granddaughter, mixes simple ingredients to create a meal that is ideal for a substantial supper.

The following is a recipe for recreating this family favorite:

For frying, you will need two big potatoes, vegetable oil that has been thinly cut, and water.
To taste, salt and black pepper are offered.
4 eggs in total
Cherry tomatoes, cut in half, a handful of them
The chopped form of a bunch of green onions
sour cream 200 grams in total
fifty to seventy grams of shredded mozzarella cheese
Parsley, fresh and chopped (for use as a garnish)

Details to follow:
Put the potatoes in the oven:

Put a substantial quantity of vegetable oil in a big pan and bring it up to a temperature of medium. In a single layer, add the sliced potatoes, and season them with salt and pepper before adding them together. Fry them and stir them regularly to ensure that they are cooked evenly until they are brown and crispy. Because on the size of your skillet, it is possible that you may need to do this task in batches.

To prepare the eggs:

Following the completion of the cooking process and the distribution of the potatoes throughout the pan, break the eggs over the top. You could season it with a little bit extra pepper and salt. You may either cover the pan with a lid to enable the steam to cook the eggs all the way through, or you can turn them over if you like them to be cooked over soft.


Put the pan in an oven that has been prepared to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius) and bake it for around ten to fifteen minutes, or until the eggs have become firm and the cheese has melted and become a light golden color.

Serving and garnishing :

Take the dish out of the oven and decorate it with chopped parsley when it has been removed.
The soothing aromas of Grandma’s secret recipe may be enjoyed by serving it warm right from the pan, cutting it into wedges like a pizza, and basking in the warmth of the dish.
A Few Pro Tips to Achieve Perfect Results:
In order to enhance the taste of the egg mixture, you may use cooked bacon or ham.
You may personalize it by adding the herbs and spices that you like the most to fit your taste preferences.
By serving it with a side salad or vegetables that have been steamed, you may turn it into a whole dinner.
Details on the Nutritional Composition: (Per Serving) Number of calories: X, Quantities of proteins: Xg, carbohydrates: Xg, and fats: Xg
This substantial potato bake is a recipe that is guaranteed to impress the whole family since it is a dish that is fulfilling.


In place of mozzarella, is it possible to use another kind of cheese? Certainly, you are free to experiment with the cheese kinds that you like the most.
Is it possible for me to cook this meal in advance? Unquestionably! Whenever you are ready to serve, just put the ingredients together and bake them.
You may add more flavor and warmth to your dinner table by learning more traditional favorites and recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

This dish, Grandma’s Special Potato Bake, is more than simply a recipe; it is a treasured memory that is presented on a plate. It is made with simple ingredients, tastes that are soothing, and a sense of nostalgia that is touching. As you and your loved ones gather around the dinner table, you may make new memories together while sharing the love and taste of this cuisine that has stood the test of time.