Crispy cabbage salad topped with a dressing that is both sweet and sour

How are you doing? Do you want to make something that is crisp, bright, and packed with a lot of crunch? Let’s create a salad that is really simple to prepare and has a variety of delicious ingredients, such as cabbage, cucumber, and carrots, all of which are combined with a sugary and tangy dressing. The honey and mustard provide a delicious flavor, and it has a little bit of a heat from the garlic. To add even more excitement to the mix, we are also included some crunchy walnuts. When you are looking for something that is not only light and nutritious but also tastes amazing, this salad is the ideal option. Get a bowl ready, because we’re about to make some deliciousness!

A big cucumber that has been thinly sliced, one-third of a whole green cabbage that has been shredded, one-third of a whole red cabbage that has been shredded, one-third of a medium onion that has been finely sliced, and one medium carrot that has been grated or julienned.

Walnuts, about 20 grams, chopped
minced garlic cloves, two in total
1/4 milligram of salt (to be split, with more salt to taste)
The amount of extra virgin olive oil is two teaspoons.

All-natural honey, one tablespoon’s worth
2 teaspoons of the mustard style that you prefer
1 teaspoon of vinegar made from rice
The amount of soy sauce is one teaspoon [adinserter block=”2″].
Details to follow:
Getting the veggies ready is the first step. Both the green and red cabbage should be shredded very thinly and placed in a big salad dish. You may assist the leaves of the green cabbage become somewhat more pliable by using your hands to sprinkle a quarter of a teaspoon of salt over it and then gently massaging it in.
To the dish containing the cabbages, add the cucumber that has been cut. If you so like, garnish the cucumber with a little amount of the salt that is still available.

The onion should be sliced very thinly and then added to the bowl. Following that, take the carrot and either grate it or chop it into fine matchsticks (julienne), and then add it to the other veggies that are already in the bowl.
In order to ensure that the walnuts retain their satisfying crunch, you should give them a rough chop so that they are in tiny pieces. They should be added to the salad.
Let’s go on over to the dressing now. Gather the garlic that has been minced, olive oil, honey, mustard, rice vinegar, and soy sauce into a small bowl and mix them together. Mix them together with a whisk until you have a dressing that is silky smooth and emulsified.

The dressing should be tasted, and the tastes should be adjusted as desired. If you would like it to be sweeter, add a tiny bit more honey; if you want it to be more sour, add a dash more vinegar.
The salad should be tossed with the dressing once it has been poured over it until everything is evenly covered. For the flavors to combine, the salad should be let to rest for around ten minutes before being served.
Perform one last toss of the salad and then taste it. Adjust the seasoning by adding more salt if necessary.

With the addition of a protein of your choosing, you can transform this salad into a main meal or serve it as a fresh and vivid side dish. This is an excellent choice for a healthful complement to your dinner, as well as for picnics and potlucks.
Enjoy your homemade salad prepared with crisp cabbage and cucumber, topped with a mustard dressing that has a tangy flavor.