Easy No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake with Icing

A no-bake chocolate biscuit cake is what?

An easy, refrigerated cake prepared with crushed biscuits dipped in a chocolate sauce and chilled until hard is called a no-bake chocolate biscuit cake. Extra decadence is added with a coating of chocolate frosting.

2. For what ingredients does this cake call?

The formula usually calls for digestive biscuits or other comparable plain cookies, butter, sugar, cocoa powder, and chocolate. You may add extra butter, cream, and chocolate in the frosting.

How can I make the cake’s biscuits?

The biscuits are not totally crushed; rather, they are split up into tiny bits. For texture, you want both chunks and crumbs.

4. What kind of chocolate works best with the cake and icing?
Answer: While milk chocolate tastes sweeter or even a blend of both, dark chocolate is often favored for its rich flavor.

Can I add anything more to the cake?

Indeed, for extra taste, variants might incorporate nuts, dried fruit, or a dash of liquor. To get varied textures, add marshmallows or bits of other candy.

The cake takes how long to set?

To get the nicest texture, leave it overnight in the refrigerator, although it usually takes three to four hours to set.


Enjoy the richness of chocolate combined with the crunchiness of biscuits in this delectable No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake. This dish is proof positive that no-bake desserts can be delicious even without an oven. Ideal for moments of needing chocolate or for quickly impressing someone. Make this chocolatey pleasure as follows.


  • Essentials for the Cake:
  • 600 g of crushed little-piece biscuits
  • 120 grammes sugar
  • For a dish that tastes richly of chocolate use 60 grams of cocoa powder.
  • 250 grammes of milk
  • 60 g melted butter
  • Flavor Extract: A little for a taste and warming suggestion


  • Make the Biscuit Mixture.
  • Spoon the cocoa powder and smashed biscuits into a big bowl. To guarantee the biscuits are covered with chocolate uniformly, thoroughly mix.
  • Heat the Chocolate Mixture:
  • Add the milk and sugar to a saucepan. Stirring constantly, heat over medium heat just until the sugar dissolves.
  • Toss in the melted butter and whisk until well mixed and just beginning to boil. Remove from heat and whisk in the vanilla essence. This stage gives the dish a subtle vanilla taste.
  • Immediately top the smashed biscuits in the bowl with the hot chocolate mixture. Till the mixture is uniform and the cookies are well coated, stir everything together.
  • Assemble the Cake
  • For simple cake removal once set, line a loaf pan or round cake mold with parchment paper or cling film.
  • Press down firmly with the back of a spoon or your hands to pack the biscuit and chocolate mixture into the prepared mold, being sure there are no air spaces.
  • Chill: To fully set, refrigerate the cake for at least four to six hours, or over night.

For an optional basic chocolate icing:
To a bowl, thoroughly combine melted butter, cocoa powder, a little milk, and powdered sugar. Taste the concoction and, if needed, add additional milk or sugar to change the consistency. This enables you to make your dessert as sweet and with the right texture. Sprinkle over the iced cake just before serving.
When the cake has set, carefully take it out of the mould and remove the parchment paper or cling film.
If you’ve created frosting, now is the moment to drizzle it over the cake. Give it another half-hour in the refrigerator.
Slice, then serve the cake cold, topped if preferred with grated chocolate, almonds, or fresh berries.
Not just a dessert, but a lifesaver for last-minute get-togethers and those unexpected sweet cravings is this Quick No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake. Savor the pleasure of sharing this rich, chocolatey delicacy as much as the simplicity of preparation.